Frozen stray cat near death is nursed back to health

A man who found a cat nearly frozen to death on his front porch revived the kitty with lots of tender loving care.

The cat’s savior, a seventh grade science teacher, found the ginger tabby sprawled out on his front porch in 2015 when the temperatures had been below freezing for weeks with wind chill below zero, the man wrote on YouTube.

He said he had no hope… until he saw the feline just barely moving one paw.

The kind-hearted man took the kitty inside and gave her a warm bath. Video of the rescue shows the cat’s eyes open but staring listlessly ahead while warm water runs over her furry body.

‘Yeah, yeah! Come on, come on, buddy!’ the man says as the pink-nosed kitty begins coming around.

The rescuer decided to name the kitty, what else, Elsa, after the ice queen in the movie Frozen.

‘After giving Elsa a bath, I began to feel very hopeful,’ said the man who uploaded the video under his¬†familytime¬†channel. The uplifting video has more than three million views.

A wet Elsa is then seen drenched inside of a fluffy blanket. Still very listless, the man repeatedly talks to her and moves her, as she starts to meow.

‘You’re getting there, buddy,’ the man says encouragingly. ‘Almost there. You’re getting warmer.’

Within six hours, the cat was wandering the house, and eating like a champ.

‘Feeling better?’ the man asks the kitty, who is now lounging on the rug, getting a chin scratch.

‘Elsa, I love you,’ the man says.

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