Badly burned kitten is named Hugh Jackman after his remarkable Wolverine like recovery

A New York kitten who was fighting for his furry life after being burned had a remarkable recovery, which left his veterinary staff in awe and coining a new name for the kitty out of a Marvel comic – Wolverine.

After have been found abandoned with burns and four missing teeth in Brooklyn on March 10, Gene the kitten was renamed Hugh Jackman.

For those of you who aren’t that savvy with comic book or the X-Men, Hugh Jackman is better known for his iconic role as Wolverine.

Overseeing Veterinarian Dr. Bellis told the New York Daily News: ‘You could call him a superhero cat.’

Veterinarians originally presumed that the kitten was thrown in a clothes dryer but later decided against this assumption.

‘He required very strong antibiotics. He was critically sick for a number of days.’ – said Dr. Bellis.

But Hugh Jackman the kitten has no ‘long-term’ health problems and is expected to make a full recovery and live a normal kitten life full of yarn and laser chasing.

The kitten was cared for by Animal Care Centers of NYC and BluePearl Veterinary Partners.

Hugh Jackman Kitten, who is estimated to be less than six-months old, will likely be available for adoption shortly after being cleared by veterinarians.

“He enjoys grooming himself and being petted…” – said Dr. Bellis

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