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Woman Admits To Cutting Microchip Out Of Her Cat – Charged With Animal Cruelty

Miranda Paige Mull was arrested in Okaloosa County, Florida on Tuesday on third degree felony aggravated animal cruelty charges after authorities say she caused cruel suffering and inflicted unnecessary pain on her cat. According to a report from the state attorney’s office, Miranda Paige Mull, 25, who had no address listed, took her cat, named […]

This common Veterinary Procedure is leaving cats permanently mutilated and why you should be worried

While some felines will have immediate complications from the surgery, it could range from just a few months to a couple of years before any significant (or visual/superficial) damages of declawing become obvious…

Badly burned kitten is named Hugh Jackman after his remarkable Wolverine like recovery

A kitten who nearly burned to death had a quick and impressive recovery that left his caretakers appealing to Marvel for his latest name.

Missing California Cat Turns Up 4 Years Later in Canada

A California cat that was lost four years ago ended up thousands of miles away — in Canada! Now her family is ready to bring her back home to Watsonville. “My sister found her on the street and she was about maybe 7, 8 weeks old,” owner Ashley Aleman said. From the time she was […]

Frozen stray cat near death is nursed back to health

A man who found a cat nearly frozen to death on his front porch revived the kitty with lots of tender loving care.

Abandoned kitten loses battle for life and helps save nearly 300 homeless cats & kittens

before we could make the next appointment, we found Sox laying on his side and not responding to either of us handling him – he was colder than cold just lying in our hands. We tried our best not to panic and quickly rushed the kitten to the nearest emergency hospital.